Allium Ursinum, Bear Onion, Ramson, Wild Garlic as a Vegan Pesto no1



I prefer Bear Onion.

So…in case you live in Europe, especially Hungary, sooner or later you going to come across this herb at your local grocer or market..or on the street or pretty much everywhere, and everyone loves it. Bear onion is VERY seasonal, very healthy and beyond tasty.. So from the end of February till the end of April, we try and eat as much as possible  from it. A lot of people go to forests to pick them, but unless you are expert it is not is very simmilar the the Lily of the valley, and it is VERY poisonous! Buying it at grocers, markets and supermarkets are completely safe.

Bear Onion is very popular among Nordic countries, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

It can be used for pretty much anything, as any herb or garlic … sandwiches, salads, soups, fillings, seasonings, you can add it to breads or any pastry, name it. And of course it can be a dip or a pesto as well. I like this recipe as, for starts, very easy, it takes about 5 minutes to make, and tasty, and later can be used in many different ways, just like any pesto. My version is vegan, but if you like you can add some parmesan cheese or can add ricotta or cottage cheese to the mixture. In case you really like it, and would like to have some after season, you could make up a whole lot and freeze it in small quantities.



  • A big handful of bear onion. Washed and chopped
  • a handful..or about 100g of Brazil nuts.
  • 100ml of olive oil
  • couple of cloves of garlic ( if you like, some people find the taste of bear onion strong enough)
  • pinch of sea salt

Instead of Brazil nuts, you can also use: Cashews, Wallnuts, Pistachios. You can add some pepper if you like.

Now all you need to do is blend them untill smooth.

What can you use it for ? As a dip or spread, marinate cheese or chicken, eat it with pasta, put it on top of your fries, serve it with it with a spoon 🙂 Later im going to add more recipes with this pesto.


  1. Oiii, I am so looking forward for ransom season to start!!! 😍 I have had a recipe in my drawer for such a long time, but until now, I’ve not been able to find it in the stores 😦 and your pesto sounds so delicious, now I am even more impatient 😉

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