Basic: One of my favourite fillings/spreads

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I like things that can be used in many ways, you can just make some and store it in the fridge/freezer, and still create different meals with them. Many of my sauces are like that, I live alone, I dont like cooking for myself after spending the whole day in the kitchen working. But I still like to keep some first aid goodies in the fridge in case someone comes over for a visit or I forget to order pizza before 9pm (suburbia, we have nothing but tanning salons)

Anyway, in case you cooking at home all the time, this might come handy for you as well.  You only need a handful of ingredients. You can play with the hers as I did..the ORIGINAL reipe goes with fresh basil instead of Bear Onion, but that is what in season here. So in case you live on the part of the World where ramson/bear onion is not available, just use fresh what thats what I do normally as well 🙂

My favourite mushroom filling


  • about 300 g of mushroom, cleaned, thinly diced
  • 150ml of cooking cream
  • 1 spoon of white flour
  • a handful of fresh basil (In this case bear onion) thinly chopped
  • a handful of grated parmesan cheese
  • pinch of salt, and black pepper
  • juice of half of a lemon
  • olive oil

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Saute the mushrooms over high heat, till brown.  Season with salt and pepper. Mix in the flour and stirr well. Add the cooking cream, reduce the heat, and stirr till sauce thickens.  give some time to cool dow, add parmesan cheese and your herb ( Basil, or Bear Onion) and the lemon juice.

Exaqctly how easy this is. It is a VERY BASIC recipe, you can freeze it in small quantities, it will last in your fridge for over 10 days, and can be used in plenty different ways. How? You can use it as a stuffing for chicken or turkey, as a grilled cheese sandwich, as a toasted sandwich, you can fill pastries with it, you can add on top of your pasta just make sure you use more cream.

Ps: I dont live alone anymore, the filling is approved by flatmate..all goodies were gone fast 🙂






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