Broccoli and almond butter dip.


Im not a, this means im also far from being a vegan, but now that im looking at my handfull of posts, most the recipes i uploaded are vegan..and 100% vegetarian. This might change soon 🙂 Tho..most of the dips I make a vegetarian, i just find lot more variety in vegetables and spices that I could do with meat produce..but maybe that would be challenging..we will see.

So the combination of broccoli with almond, is really not my idea, the recipes aqll over the internet and restaurant menus..i never seen them as dip before, but maybe i just missed it.

So…this will take a little time but completely worth it. First of all, you will need to make the almond butter, unless you live somewhere where almond butter can be found in a store..if u are..i envy you. On the other hand homemade almond butter is much much cheaper, all you need is a good food processor and some patience..cos u will think..this machine is about to burn, and u beeen standing there for 10-15 minutes and nothing really me it will. After your butter is ready, it will be just a couple more minutes, till your delicious dip. But lets see how it goes exactly:


For the almond butter.

For about 4 portion of dip you would really need just, 1 cup of almonds, but when it comes blening it, you will see adding more helps the process.

  • 1,5 cup of almonds

heat them in a microwave, or oven, untill they are nice and warm. It will help the blending process.

Basically what you need to do, is put the almonds to a food processor and blend them, till they become buttery…. this might take some time..and depending on the machine u using, u might need to turn it off for a while till it overheats. Firts u going to see cfrumbles, and then flour, and after a while when the oil from the nuts disolve..butter..easily 20 minutes.


  • half of a broccoli head
  • salt
  • pepper
  • boiling water
  • cold or icy water

Add salt and pepper to boiling hot water, in a medium pot. Add broccoli pieces and cook for 2-3 minutes untill they turn bright green, firm, but soften a little bit. Remove from boiling water and add to your cold or icy water, let them cool.

Blend the broccoli with your almondt butter and the dip is ready! Enjoy 🙂





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