Basic: Super fast Pasta sauce variations (Tomato based)

These recipes have always been my solution to the problem of “oh my god im so fudgin hungry what the hell im going to eat” happens quite often actually, hence im a chef, believe it or not, my fridge is not really loaded with food. Its usually a few half rotten tomatoes, some Parmesan cheese from an Italian trip, luckily there is ryanair and the country is pretty close (usually expired already, as i dont visit Italy every month…), and wine..there is always wine… This all can actually give you a delicious meal. Of course, you’ll need other stuff too like tomatoes, maybe some cream, or ricotta,  garlic..plenty plenty of delicious garlic , vinager ,  some herbs are always good too. But what i find, is, some better organised human beings usually have these at home regardless.


Here I really only used some basics when it comes o the eatalian feel. Basil, rosemary, olive oil, plenty of fresh pomodoro, black and white pepper, ricotta and cream. My philosophy is a fridge is never empty..unless you just bought it, and there has to be something in your pantry, that  can create a better meal than a take away kebab, or ordered in pizza.  Usually i give idea not full recipes to follow word to word, i strongly believe less is more, and ingredient qualities are different in every household around the world,  im here to help you how to combine some flavors.

Recipes are for 2 people..or 1 very very hungry person.

  • Tomato garlic and Basil. 
  • you will need: 4 big ripe tomatoes, 1 onion, 3-4 cloves of garlic, few basil leafs, olive oil..the more the better, salt and peppa.  you can add a bit of white wine , a bit of brown sugar, some balsamic vinegar, dont forget to top it with cheese..whatever you have at home.

By the book the most common. Saute the FINELY diced onions over medium heat in olive oil, ad the finely chopped tomatoes (or canned tomatoes whatever you got), stir them until they become nice and saucy , ad chopped garlic and basil, and season with salt and pepper at the end. Cook whatever kind of pasta you have at home, top it with your sauce, olive oil, maybe some balsamic vinegar and cheese…enjoy.

  • oregano and cream

Have you ever noticed tomatoes and cooking cream are a match made in heaven? Well..they are, combining them will give the orange manna of the gods, most perfect with oregano. The combo loves oregano the most, and pepper you can add more in case you like them spicy sauces. Shread some mozzarella on top and you are good to go, it will be hard to resist not to eat this treat every day of the week.

  • Ricotta and sun dried tomato

Im crazy about sun dried tomatoes…and especially the marinate oil, not to mention if it has some capers , garlic and peppercorn in it. YUMMM! My other addiction lately is ricotta, sometimes just on its own with a spoon. They blend with sun dried tomatoes perfectly.  Just ad a small jar of sun dried tomatoes with the oil and all included to a food processor with ricotta and blend them together. Top your pasta…you can always ad cheese but really theres no need, it will be creamy and flavorful enough.

  • cherry tomatoes olives rosemary and feta cheese

No cooking needed. Get a handful of cherry tomatoes , olives. Chop them finely, as tiny as possible, maybe ad a clove of garlic. Top your hot hot fresh pasta with the mix, stir in some rosemary leafs, shred some feta cheese on top and sprinkle with olive oil…..AWESOME..btw..woks perfect on some chicken and steak as well.


I started writing this blog post 3 years ago….. im officially back to the food blogger field baby yeah baby yeah….

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