Spicy egg salad spread with wild garlic.


It makes me smile on of my first blog entries from 3 years ago was a wild garlic recipe….and i stopped blogging for 3 years…. . I hope I wont make the same mistake, but figures wild garlic is in season again.

Wild garlic is a delicious herb , was usually known more in Central Europe, Scandinavia and Canada, and in a past few years i have seen them all around the World. They have a short season, lasting about 1,5 months, and over that time in spring in Hungary they are EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING: Im literally talking about a wild garlic explosion. We love garlic , and wild garlic is even better, milder taste and rich in vitamins.

I created this spread a while ago, just been looking trough my old pics. I love and egg salad/mayo dip-spread, it is one of my favorite comfort foods, and what i love about it the most, its fast, and has a lot of potential. Eggs go well with almost anything..so do wild garlic, i wanted to create a more interesting version tho, so it has a few extra ingredients.

Ingredients (enough for 2-3 people, or a few breakfasts)

  • 4 hard boiled eggs peeled.
  • 4-5 leafs of wild garlic
  • 2 small pickled gherkins
  • a splash of Tabasco..or more..depends how hard you like your spices.
  • a pinch of ground chipotle
  • 4 tablespoons of mayo.

In a bowl break your eggs with a fork. Dice tiny gherkin cubes. Slice up your wild garlic very thinly. Mix all ingredients….told you its easy and fast.

serve it with bread, in a sandwich, with crackers, pretzels, celery sticks ..or just s a spoon! Enjoy 🙂


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